Team Volunteering with the European Solidarity Corps 2023

8. Februar 2020

Team Volunteering with the European Solidarity Corps 2023-
in Germany – Italy – Belgium and Poland

Are you looking for a shortterm volunteering experience?

We just opened the call for volunteers based in Germany, Italy, Belgium and Poland to become part of our next exciting shortterm project: “CUFL – Community Urban Farming Lifestyle”
If you want to volunteer abroad, have a life changing experience, create a positive impact, be part of an active citizenship community and make a difference, we are happy to get in touch and learn about your motivation:

The project is an EU-cooperation between youth organizations in Germany, Italy, Belgium and Poland. Every country hosts a team of 10 ESC-volunteers between April and September 2023 in a 2-weeks project with the topic “Urban Farming and Healthy Lifestyle”. 

Participants will be engaged in different Urban Farming and Gardening activities in order to promote a healthier lifestyle and to understand the positive impact of such initiatives on the city climate, the environment, freshly harvested food for healthy meals and community building.
The program includes workshops and training sessions that will help participants to be more informed about farming, fresh food and health. In this way participants will gain new skills and competences useful for their personal and social development. During the two weeks participants will have the opportunity to be involved in different types of activities, such as outdoor activities in a local urban farming initiative; study visits to local organizations and healthy cooking. There will also be time to get to know the cities where the projects take place. Participants will take part in 10 program days and 2 days off per week.
VISIONEERS will host 3 international and 7 local volunteers in Berlin and also sent 3 volunteers from Germany to the partner projects in Italy, Belgium and Poland.

Project Dates:

  • Berlin, Germany: 24.04 – 07.05.23
  • Trento, Italy: 15.05. – 28.05.23
  • Antwerp, Belgien: 05.05. – 20.06.23
  • Gdansk, Poland: 05.08. – 19.08.23


More Infos and Application Links:
Berlin:      (7 openings)
Trento:     (1 opening)
Antwerp:   (1 opening)
Gdansk:        (1 opening)


Who can volunteer?
European Solidarity Corps volunteering activities are open to 18-30 year old people who reside in programme and partner countries.
Priority is given to people with fewer opportunities profiles (as defined be the ESC program: and Ukrainian refugees. If you consider yourself in these categories, please indicate in your motivation statement.

What is covered?
Accommodation, Food and Transport Arrangements

  • Participants coming to Berlin from Belgium, Poland, Italy and Germany will have their travel and accommodation expenses covered (according to the ESC budget).
  • The participants receive either a small food allowance in cash or meals will be provided / cooked together (according to the program schedule).
  • Participants will be accommodated in a hostel. Rooms will be shared.
  • Tickets for public Transportation will be provided when needed to carry out project activities.
  • Participants receive Pocket Money: 5 EUR / Day


How can I apply?

If you are interested, contact Megi of the VISIONEERS team:
To then apply officially, you need to register in the ESC portal:
To start registering enter in the next link:
The first time you register, you’ll be asked to create an account (EU Login, the European Commission’s user authentication service) before creating your profile.
Once your profile is created, you’ll have access to your personal dashboard, from which you can apply for volunteering opportunities. You can find the CUFL projects via the applications links provided above.

/!\ Registering for the Corps does not guarantee you will take part in an activity.

Project coordinator
Centre for European Volunteering – CEV

Project partners
Regionalne Centrum Wolontariatu W Gdańsku
Municipality of Trento

Funded by the European Union